The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans for 2022

The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans for 2022

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity you need to enjoy comfortably. A rider can only be comfortable if they also wear proper motorcycle attire, including the best motorcycle jeans. Checking motorcycle reviews such as this article gives you a great comparison of different brands.

Read through our list of the best motorcycle riding jeans that we carefully tested and compared with other pants for riding. These six pairs of trousers guarantee a comfortable riding experience on your bike and safety from impacts and abrasions.

Best Affordable Motorcycle Riding Jeans (Less than $250)

Scorpion EXO Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

  • Traditional 5-pocket design
  • Kevlar lining from knee to waist

Comfort is the most notable feature of this affordable pair of denim jeans. This pair of pants has 165GSM abrasion-resistant DuPont Kevlar lining from the waist down to the knee; thus, that area is well-protected during sudden falls from the motorcycle. The denim is soft and longer than the average, making it the best motorcycle jeans for any riding position. Riding pants with Kevlar reinforcement are an affordable choice for impact protection and avoiding abrasion.


  • Affordable
  • Looks like regular jeans
  • Hip pads pockets
  • Dark indigo wash
  • 14 oz heavy denim


  • Knee pads may not properly fit depending on height
  • Not advisable for hot and humid weather

MAXLER Jean Biker Jeans – Slim Straight Fit

  • Flexible spandex fabric for outer shell
  • Detachable knee protectors

MAXLER JEAN’s biker jeans are manufactured in South Korea, one of the countries with a high regard for fashion. So, if you want to combine aesthetics with comfort, these are great motorcycle pants. You can adjust the knee armor depending on the height of the rider. It has a thigh zipper that allows attaching and removing knee protectors and air vent mesh. These motorcycle jeans also function as normal jeans once you remove the knee protectors. Since they are manufactured in South Korea, sizes are based on standard Korean body measurements. Always check the size chart for the perfect fit when purchasing these jeans.


  • Comfortable spandex (14 oz denim)
  • Functional zippers on the thigh and calf
  • Removable knee protector


  • Sizing may be small for US male body measurements

Best Mid-Range Motorcycle Riding Jeans ($250-350)

AlpineStars Andes V3 Drystar Men’s Street Motorcycle Pants

  • Waterproof motorcycle jeans
  • Comes with a removable thermal liner

Having the best motorcycle jeans is not only meant for comfort and abrasion protection, but it must also protect you from rain and cold. The power of AlpineStars Andes V3 primarily lies in it being a waterproof pair of jeans. Though it is more expensive than AlpineStars Hyper motorcycle pants, the additional money you pay is worth its value since it also boasts superior breathability and durability from its polyester shell construction with advanced reinforcements. Furthermore, it has pre-contoured leg construction with knee stretch panels and reinforced polymer in the knee area for better abrasion resistance and flexibility.


  • Zippered thigh vents for better air circulation
  • Impact armor at the knees
  • Tapered fit
  • Reflective details for night safety
  • Adjustable waistline
  • CE Level II
  • Small to 4X-Large sizing


  • Hip armor sold separately

Gerbing 12V Heated Motorcycle Pants – Battery Heated Clothing

  • 3-season riding pants
  • Battery-heated pants

We love these unique battery-heated pants with their windproof and waterproof construction keeping the rider warm and dry. The outer shell is made from genuine 500 denier CORDURA, making it lighter and less stiff. All riders will love these motorcycle jeans with adjustable height pockets, calf zippers, and leather grip panels. The Microwire-powered heat zones are found in the legs and on the hips on each leg pant. It provides up to 135⁰F heat, and you can plug it into the power source of your motorcycle. Moreover, using a battery harness, you can connect the pants to other Gerbing Heated Clothing products, such as the 12V motorcycle jacket liner and heated socks and insoles. The downside is that you have to purchase the battery harness separately.


  • Advanced Microwire technology
  • Comfort in cold weather
  • Easily powered
  • Knox CE approved


  • Battery harness and temperature controller sold separately

Premium Motorcycle Riding Jeans ($350 and up)

KLIM Carlsbad Off-Road Motorcycle Pants

  • Best for tall riders
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant fabric and lining

Tall riders find it hard to look for the best motorcycle jeans that fit their height. Luckily, KLIM Carlsbad solves the problem. This pair of protective jeans are specifically made for tall people. The pants have a GORE-TEX shell, keeping riders dry while ensuring maximum mobility. The 500D carbonite ripstop fabric adds durability and makes the pants abrasion-resistant. Moreover, the leather inner knees are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR). It also has industrial-grade reflective materials to ensure the rider is visible, especially at night.


  • Keep riders dry
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • DWR-treated motorcycle pants
  • Reflective materials
  • D30 CE Level 2 hip and knee armor included
  • CE AA certified to prEN 17092-3 garment certification


  • Expensive

Alpinestars Men’s Missile V3 Airflow Leather Pants

  • 100% leather
  • Tech-Air ready

Alpinestars Tech-Air ready technology gives riders more protection when riding a motorcycle with its AI-controlled airbag deployment during crashes. These trousers from Alpinestars are compatible with a wearable Tech-Air 10 airbag system that also has an extended hip armor. On top of that, the motorcycle pants has a flex-fit design allowing riders to comfortably ride the bike while the stretch panels work on the calf and crotch area. The knee protectors are made from stretchable accordion leather, maximizing flexibility. If you include these motorcycle jeans in your riding gear, you will have the most comfortable riding experience on your bike.


  • Maximized protection with the Tech-Air system
  • Great ventilation
  • Premium bovine leather main chassis
  • Improved flexibility
  • Maximizes rider’s mobility on a bike
  • CE-certified riding garment


  • Expensive

Buying Guide: Tips for Buying the Best Motorcycle Jeans

A good pair of motorcycle jeans complete your motorcycle gear. Every motorcycle rider should have a good pair of riding jeans, motorcycle boots, a motorcycle helmet (link to helmet article), and even reliable gloves and a jacket to match. Proper attire when motorcycle riding not only guarantees comfort but also ensures safety and mobility.

So, to help you pick the best motorcycle jeans, give more attention to the following:

Safety Standards

Motorcycle riding requires riding gear that aligns with safety standards. Substandard garments and equipment cannot protect riders during accidents. For motorcycle jeans and other motorcycle armor, protection levels are rated as CE Level 1 and CE Level 2. Level 1 is the typical level of protection given to armor in most tracks, while Level 2 is for advanced and high-speed races and tracks. 


The materials play an important role in comfort and durability. Some motorcycle jeans use Kevlar, a synthetic and lightweight fiber known for its heat-resistant and high tensile strength. Some others use leather or denim, while others use GORE-TEX, among others. The materials used in making motorcycle jeans also make them more resistant to abrasion.

All trousers have different materials you need to understand. Knowing these materials will help you decide which one is more comfortable and provides the best protection.


Size matters when it comes to the best motorcycle riding jeans. You are not just looking for protective jeans but also for something that fits comfortably. Purchasing a pair of too-tight trousers will hamper your mobility while getting a bigger one can result in discomfort. Measure your size accurately, and always check the manufacturer’s size chart before buying.

Hip and Knee Armors

The significant difference between motorcycle jeans from regular day-to-day casual jeans is the presence of armors. Mostly built into the jeans, hip armor protects the hip and surrounding areas from injuries, impacts, and abrasions. Knee armor, however, protects from high temperatures and friction, especially when falling off the motorcycle accidentally.


Some riders give weight to fashion too. After all, looking cool on a motorcycle boosts confidence and overall riding experience. Just make sure that you don’t compromise safety standards over aesthetics.

Other Features

The number of pockets, waterproofness, wind resistance, and even a heated system are all examples of added features. Motorcycle pants with added features may cost more than regular ones. But if you really want these, they are worth the price.

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