A Beginner's Guide to Motorcycle Gear

A Beginner's Guide to Motorcycle Gear

Finding the best beginner motorcycle gear for your specific needs can seem daunting. This is especially true if you don't know where to start.

As a new rider, you don't have the kind of advantage that veteran riders do. Experienced motorcycle owners only need to buy or replace specific pieces of gear as the need arises. However, as a beginner, you must purchase everything at once, which can be overwhelming in terms of choice and cost.

This guide will cover all the basic beginner motorcycle gear you need to start riding comfortably and safely. We have tried to keep everything under $200 to minimize the expense.

Must-Have Beginner Motorcycle Gear

Remember that some of the gear on this list is to get you started. You will undoubtedly change or upgrade them as you get more experience and discover what works best for your riding style.

With that in mind, here are some of the best beginner motorcycle gear you will need.

A Helmet

HJC i10 helmet

Studies have shown that about 45% of all motorcycle accident impacts occur around the rider's face and chin. These places would be better protected by simply wearing the best motorcycle helmet you can find.

A good motorcycle helmet protects your face and neck and keeps the bugs out of your eyes and the sunburn off your face. Plus, it makes you look cool and mysterious.

The HJC i10 helmet is one of the best beginner motorcycle helmets on the market today. Not only is it affordable (under $200), but it also has a host of safety features, including interchangeable cheek pads, a face shield with 95% UV protection, and an advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell that is lightweight, comfortable, and hardy.

Note: Helmets are designed to self-destruct during an accident. This allows them to dissipate whatever impact that would have been directed at your head instead. Helmets can sustain damage internally without having any obvious signs outwardly. This is why you should only buy a new helmet as opposed to a cheaper, used one.


Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket For Men Textile Motorbike CE Armored Waterproof Jackets ADV 4-Season (Light Grey, L)

The best motorcycle jackets are made out of either leather or high-quality textiles. Both these materials are quite sturdy and resistant to abrasion. Motorcycle jackets made of textiles often have water-resistant membranes that keep you dry when riding in the rain. They are more affordable than leather and more adjustable for comfort. Leather is more durable.

The best motorcycle jackets have a few features that make them ideal for riding. These include:

  • Double seams protect the stitching and increase the jacket's strength
  • They fit snugly, so they don't flap around when you are riding in windy conditions
  • Adjustable air vents for breathability
  • Body armor that has a CE safety rating

This HWK Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket is one of the best beginner motorcycle jackets on the market. It's affordable. It offers high visibility, a waterproof membrane, and a removable thermal lining that allows you to ride in all weather.


HWK Motorcycle Pants

Although some pairs of jeans have Kevlar panels, these materials don't offer you as much protection as you would get if you were riding in a pair of motorcycle-specific leather or textile pants.

Riding pants are designed to protect your lower body in the event of a motorcycle accident. They have features such as CE-rated armor around the hips and knees. They also fit snugly while remaining comfortable. Many are made from called Cordura, a nylon material with extremely high abrasion-resistant properties.

This HWK Motorcycle Pants is one of the best beginner motorcycle pants. Made out of Cordura, it has removable protective CE armor, is padded around the knees and hips, and is affordable.


RIDETECS 6" Double Zipper Reflective Riding Boots for Men Full Grain Leather, Flexible Outsole Motorcycle Shoes

A sturdy pair of riding boots are a must for several good reasons. You will be supporting your motorcycle's weight using your feet from time to time, especially when you are navigating tight corners, when riding on slippery grounds, when riding on rough, uneven roads, or whenever you are on unpredictable surfaces. The most weight will be transferred from your feet to your ankles and legs.

In the event of a crash, you will want your entire body protected from abrasion. The soles of your feet and ankles will probably take the brunt. Without good protection, they might suffer a great deal of injury.

The best motorcycle boots have a few necessary safety features, including:

  • Oi-resistance
  • Non-slip soles
  • Good ankle support

These boots are designed to prevent twisting. They have strong heels and robust toe boxes that reduce the impact on those areas. Some even have armor over their shins. A good pair of motorcycle boots should at least cover your ankles like these RIDETECS 6" Double Zipper Reflective Riding Boots.


COFIT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women, Full Finger Touchscreen Motorbike Gloves for BMX ATV MTB Riding, Road Racing, Cycling, Climbing, Motocross - Black L

Think about every time you have fallen down. What was the first thing you stretched out to try and protect yourself? Evolution has made it so that we always stretch out our hands first to try and protect our heads or other vital organs in case we fall. Imagine how much damage your hands will sustain should you fall off your bike or crash.

Without the right kind of riding gloves, your hands are extremely vulnerable not only to potential crushes but to the elements and the coarse handlebars.

The best beginner motorcycle gloves are designed to keep your hands away from these dangers. A good pair will cover your hands completely and come with a host of safety features, including abrasion resistance and non-slip palms.

Some gloves come with protective armor at the base of the palms since these are most likely the parts of your hands that will hit the ground first.

These COFIT Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Women are some of the best available options. These are multi-function gloves that can be worn when riding your motorcycle or when you are cycling, skating, or climbing. They have touch-screen fingertips equipped with conductive metal fiber on both the thumb and index finger, making it easy to operate your phone without needing to take them off.

They offer your hand full protection with knuckle and palm pads. Finally, they allow for excellent grip and control while being wear-resistant, breathable, and suitable for all seasons.

These are essentially all the pieces of motorcycle gear you may need as a beginner. If, however, you are into racing, you might want to invest in a one-piece leather suit designed to protect your entire body in the event of a high-speed crash. However, these tend to be uncomfortable and don't protect you against the elements.

The idea is to go for beginner motorcycle gear that offers you the most protection while remaining comfortable and affordable. As you grow into your riding, you will look for specialized gear that goes with your specific style. These will most likely be a bit more expensive, but by then, you will be a veteran rider, and you won’t have to buy them all at once, which makes them more manageable.


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