The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets for 2022

The Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets for 2022

Complete motorcycle gear should include a reliable helmet. It is not a matter of choice but a must-have, especially when safety is a top priority. There is a multitude of helmets out there from different brands. And as a rider, you must know which is the best motorcycle helmet to use.

A motorcycle helmet prevents traumatic brain injury from happening during accidents. However, it is only reliable if it follows the standard requirements and meets several safety certificates from official bodies.

We looked at several full-face motorcycle helmets and concluded which ones were the best. We also included a quick buying guide so every rider can pick the right full-face helmet.

8 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Best Street Motorcycle Helmet: AGV K6 Solid Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • Optimized helmet for all riding positions
  • Removable and washable parts

Street riding can be dangerous. Thus, having the safest helmet is a must. Our testers have nothing but good words to say about AGV K6. After looking at several others, this is their most recommended street motorcycle helmet since it can be used in all riding positions and properly fit and protect delicate areas such as the top, back, and both sides of the head. It also has a dependable chin bar and other features to boast the safety and comfort of the rider.


  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Sweat absorption
  • Antibacterial protection
  • AGV ARK communication system ready
  • Patented visor lock system
  • Patented extra quick-release system


  • Fogging occurs when the Pinlock shield is disabled

Best Dirt Helmet: Troy Lee Designs GP Overload

  • Shell with advanced polyacrylate construction
  • Excellent ventilation with 16 airports

Troy Lee is a reputable helmet manufacturer with 40 years of experience in the racing world. Off-road biking requires a motorcycle helmet with different features like a more angular chin bar and a trusty sun visor since racing requires high speed. This racing helmet from Troy Lee uses these features to make a lightweight and breathable helmet. Something that every dirt biker needs!


  • Wide field of view
  • Easily adjustable visor
  • 3D contoured cheek pads
  • Durable and lightweight chin bar


  • Sizing varies

Best Modular Helmet: HJC i90 Aventa Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • Dual-homologated helmet
  • Improved noise reduction

We highly praise the HJC i90 and recommend it for a modular helmet. It bests the other modular helmets in the market because it is a quality piece for an affordable price. First and foremost, this modular motorcycle helmet is dual-homologated, which means that the rider has the option to use it with the chin bar, either open or closed. It also has a Pinlock anti-fogging system, giving the rider clear vision regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, this helmet brand improved the quality of noise reduction. The HJC i90 has less noise and vibration than other modular helmets. But, it is still recommended to wear nice earplugs when riding since it does not eliminate the noise.


  • Internal lining is removable and washable
  • Good air circulation
  • Wider view port
  • Affordable


  • Riders with round or long heads may find this uncomfortable

Best ADV Helmet: Bell MX-9 Adventure DLX MIPS Helmet

  • Versatile and can be used in any riding conditions
  • MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System)

We chose Bell MX-9 as the best ADV helmet. However, it is also considered a dual-sport helmet that you can use in every riding condition, from normal street riding to Motocross. The most notable feature of this Bell helmet is the MIPS technology that the brand patents to help protect the head from rotational impacts. It brings helmet safety to a new level and improves the safety standard that all of the best motorcycle helmets should have. One of the things you might not like about this helmet is that it is not eyewear friendly since the lower part of the face shield forms a tight seal that can affect the eye port, causing slight problems with your vision.


  • Adjustable dual visor
  • Velocity-flow ventilation system
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch visor
  • Comfortable interior lining


  • Upper vents cannot be closed
  • Some aerodynamics issues

Premium Choice for Road Racing: HJC RCPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet

  • Fiber-reinforced for better protection
  • DOT, ECE, and SHARP certified

Road racing is an aggressive sport requiring an extremely durable face helmet without compromising comfort. And that is what HJC RCPHA 11 Pro is all about. This motorcycle helmet is DOT, ECE and SHARP certified, making it a strong contender as far as safety standards are concerned. When it comes to ventilation, the upper shell contains a ventilation channel at the top, while open-air vents are found at the back and sides maximizing airflow. The visor has an enhanced eye guard that you can remove easily when needed for a more convenient riding experience.


  • Great ventilation
  • Impressive aerodynamics
  • Easy-to-use face shield system
  • Optimized eye port
  • Cheek pads can be custom fit


  • Louder noise

Budget Choice: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Padded wind collar
  • Click release shield

You don’t have to sacrifice quality over budget when buying the best motorcycle helmet. With Bell Qualifier, you can still get a reliable helmet without breaking the bank. It comes with a clear shield visor upon purchase. However, you can avail of the Bell custom and request to upgrade it for a tinted shield to make a better sun visor. It has four design variants: matte, flare gloss, stealth camo, and Z-ray. For the matte variant, you can choose among matte black, matte black/gray, and matte black/red/white. Aesthetics aside, this face helmet contains several air vents for good ventilation. Bell further equipped it with a padded wind collar for reducing noise level.


  • Removable and washable interior padding
  • Moisture blocking
  • UV-protection
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • Quick-release visor
  • Affordable


  • Without any Bluetooth support

Best Aesthetics: Scorpion EXO EXO-AT950 Ellwood Helmet

  • EPS chin guard lining
  • Cool aesthetics

When it comes to looking cool, Scorpion EXO AT950 ranks first. We chose this motorcycle helmet for the best aesthetics because it doesn’t look too flashy but still has the swag that every cool rider needs. The shell is made from high-quality construction and is a level higher than Scorpion GT920. Both helmet models have similar vents, interior lining, and shells. However, AT950 boasts a rotating flip-up visor. When it comes to shape, AT950 ranges from neutral to slightly narrow.


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield
  • Internal sun visor
  • Lightweight
  • Great visibility
  • Best for on-road riding


  • Cannot hold a Pinlock insert
  • Off-road riding can be loud
  • Ventilation is not meant for off-road riding

Highest Quality: Shoei X – Fourteen Aerodyne Helmet

  • Multilayer fiberglass shell construction
  • Best aerodynamics

Shoei helmets are always top of the game for providing safety, durability, and comfort. Shoei X 14 may be expensive, but that’s because it is of a multicaliber quality. The head shape of X-14 is slightly different from that of TZ-R and RF-100 because you can feel extra pressure in the cheek area. Rest assured, however, that it isn’t uncomfortable or painful. As far as ventilation is concerned, you’ll have the most breathable riding experience ever. It also comes with an additional chin curtain and breath guard that you can easily remove if you don’t want to use it.


  • Lighter than RF-1000 and RF-1200
  • Easy visor installation and removal
  • Exquisite aesthetics
  • Quiet interior
  • SNELL Safety standards


  • Really expensive helmet

Buying Guide: Tips for Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Know the Type of Helmet

A full-face motorcycle helmet is the safest one because it gives the best coverage for both the head and neck. An open-face helmet, however, is lighter and provides a broader range of view, albeit not as protective as a full-face one. The modular helmet is a combination of a full-face and open-face helmet. However, it is considered a full face since it covers the entire face with a removable chin guard.

Another type of helmet that is the smallest DOT-approved helmet is the half helmet, which only covers the top of the head, and the forehead down to the eyebrows. It provides minimal protection.


Every person’s head shape is different. There is no better way to know the right helmet for you than by trying it on. Helmets come in three types: round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval. Know the shape of your head by using a mirror or asking the seller to check your head shape for you.

Measure the Size

Measure using cloth tape. Place the tape above your eyebrows and round it around the thickest point at the back of your head. Take note of the measurement and use it as a reference when checking a helmet size chart.

When trying it on, you will know you have the perfect fit if the helmet is tight. The pressure on your head should be even, and there should be no discomfort or pain in the pressure points.

The helmet may be too round for your head shape if there is an uncomfortable or painful pressure point on the forehead area. Pressure points that center on the sides of the head means that the helmet is too oval.

Safety Standards

Of course, safety standards are the most important factor in getting the best motorcycle helmet. The best motorcycle helmets need certification from regulatory bodies such as DOT, ECE, SHARP, and SNELL. A good helmet must always prioritize the rider’s safety at all costs. You must also have a reliable motorcycle helmet to enjoy a worry-free riding experience.

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