What Is the Best Seat for a Motorcycle?

What Is the Best Seat for a Motorcycle?

Like mattresses, some riders like their seats soft, while others prefer firm saddles. Before choosing a seat for your motorcycle, remember that what works for someone may not be best for you, even if you have the same bike model. 

What is the best seat for a motorcycle? From the classic Mustang Deluxe One-Piece Seat to Saddlemen’s Step-Up LS Seat, here are our top picks for various motorcycle riding styles.

Best Motorcycle Seats

Mustang Deluxe One-Piece Seat (Best Touring Seat)

  • Non-slip, water-resistant materials
  • Built for Harley-Davidson touring models

If long-distance riding is your thing, this stylish one-piece Mustang seat is an excellent choice. Designed to slightly angle the rider’s body, the saddle lets you maintain a good riding position for touring.

Built to include a passenger seat, this soft saddle is great at reducing bumps and vibrations and won’t lose its shape, making it one of the most comfortable motorcycle seats on the market.


  • Full-width support across rear seat 
  • Front bucket drain hole 


  • Expensive model

Sargent Sport Performance Seat (Best Sports Motorcycle Seat)

  • Lightweight seat with adjustable shape
  • Built for Kawasaki KLR650 1991-2014 models

The Sargent Sport Performance Seat is an excellent option if high-speed riding is your thing. It is designed with high-quality materials, including dense microfoam and a Polytec base pan, allowing the seat to adjust to suit the rider easily. 

Featuring a CarbonFX vinyl material, this motorcycle saddle can withstand prolonged sunlight exposure and is mold and odor-resistant. The seat's lightweight design allows you to confidently maneuver your sportbike at high speeds. 


  • Marine-grade vinyl seat cover
  • Under-seat storage area


  • Low saddle may not suit taller riders

OSAN Pillion Pad (Best Budget Passenger Seat)

  • Faux leather rear seat
  • Mounts easily with suction cups

If you’re in the market for a simple but functional passenger seat, this OSAN model might be just what you’re looking for. The mobile saddle mounts easily on the bike’s rear using six suction cups. 

Although the saddle is inexpensive, it absorbs vibration quite well and gives you enough bang for your buck.


  • Fits most cruiser motorcycles
  • Washable synthetic leather


  • Suction cups get damaged by water easily

Saddlemen Step-Up LS Seat (Best Durable Model)

  • Combines ultra foam and gel core to balance firmness and comfort
  • Lattice Stitch (LS) styling on passenger’s area

Saddlemen’s LS seat should be on your radar if you want to give your bike an old-school feel with a modern touch. The foam molding process, water-resistant quality, and improved seat materials make this an incredibly durable saddle. 

Fitting it to your bike is a breeze; plus, it comes with everything you’ll need for installation.


  • Highly durable materials 
  • Comes with installation hardware and instructions 


  • Leaves a small gap close to the fuel tank

How to Choose the Best Seat for Your Motorcycle

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is the best seat for a motorcycle?” Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle seat.

Consider Your Riding Style

What type of motorcycle do you have, and what kind of riding do you mostly do? You want to choose a seat with an adequate comfort level for your purpose.

However, remember that comfort doesn’t necessarily mean a seat with a backrest or luxurious pad. A soft, pillowy saddle may be okay if you ride short distances only a few times weekly. Conversely, a supportive and reasonably firm seat is best for long trips, as it helps prevent back pain and injury. 

Choose a Seat That Fits You

When swapping your bike's stock saddle, factor in your height, weight, and body shape. Even if you find a supportive seat, be sure it is not too high for you, doesn’t leave your inner thighs pinched, and allows you to reach the handlebar easily. 

Don’t ignore any pressure points in your butt, legs, and shoulders, as this could mean the difference between enjoying your rides and enduring knots and numbness in your back and legs.

Strike a Balance Between Catchy Design and Functionality 

An aftermarket seat can improve your bike’s looks but don’t change a seat solely to enhance appearance. Always choose a functional saddle and one with good-quality materials. If you ride with a passenger, pick a seat that fully supports the passenger’s weight. You don’t want them sliding around in the rear seat when you step on the brakes.


What is the best seat for a motorcycle? It all comes down to the bike type and your riding style. Each motorcycle seat in this list provides enough firmness to support the rider’s weight, provided you use them for their intended purposes. You can use a high-quality seat cover to enhance their comfort level and protect them from the elements. 

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