6 Best Ways to Ship a Motorcycle

6 Best Ways to Ship a Motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle to a specific location is not that difficult. When moving to a new place or simply wanting to get your bike to where you want it to be, knowing the best ways to ship a motorcycle will help you transport it accordingly.

We prepared a list of different methods that allow you to transport a bike to your desired destination.

6 Best Ways to Ship a Motorcycle

1. Do It By Yourself

You don’t have to hire motorcycle shippers if you can ship the bike yourself. Owning or borrowing a truck and loading the motorcycle on it is the easiest way to get the bike to another location. When loading the motorcycle, ask someone to help you push it up a ramp. Do not ride it up the ramp since this may cause an accident. Once on top, secure the bike with a ratchet strap so it won’t topple during transport.

Another option for DIY shipping is renting a motorcycle trailer. Enclosed and open trailers are available for rent. Enclosed trailers may cost more, but it provides the bike with the utmost protection. On the other hand, an open trailer is cheaper and works okay for short-distance transport.

2. Hiring a Freight Company

Freight shipping is also an excellent way to ship a motorcycle. You can choose air freight, ocean freight, or ground freight, depending on where you want it delivered. Shipping a motorcycle through a freight company is a more affordable option since these companies usually base the price on the weight of the motorcycle or its dimensions.

But, one of the downsides is that they would require you to put the motorcycle on a crate. This will be an added cost whether you make the crate yourself or hire someone to make it for you. There are also pre-made crates that you can purchase.

3. Portable Moving Container

Shipping motorcycles is difficult if you don’t know the ropes. Using a portable storage unit is also a good alternative for motorcycle shipping, not to mention saving a few bucks from shipping costs. Look for a moving container service that will drop a storage box at your doorstep. Secure your motorcycle inside the box, and leave it to the moving company to transfer your bike wherever you want it to go. Unfortunately, there won’t be any insurance coverage since you pack the motorcycle on your own.

4. uShip Listing

Creating a uShip listing is also a good option for a motorcycle transport service. uShip acts like a marketplace where carriers bid on the shipping service you require. As a motorcycle transport marketplace, you can get the best offer from various motorcycle shippers and check reviews of their services. Typically, bids range from $350 to $800 for a 1000-mile distance.

5. Independent Hauler

Other people who want a side income provide services as independent contractors. Independent contractors don’t charge as much shipping cost, unlike a professional motorcycle transport company. This shipping service only involves a truck; you can find this motorcycle shipment in online marketplaces such as Craigslist. You just hire someone with a truck willing to transport your bike.

However, the disadvantage of this type of motorcycle transportation is the lack of proper transportation skills, which may damage your ride on the way.

6. Professional Motorcycle Shipper

A professional motorcycle shipper such as Montway Auto Transport, a reputable auto transport company, is the best way to ship a motorcycle safely. A professional motorcycle transporter like this knows what they are doing and can transport your bike safely from point A to point B. They use the right equipment in handling and transporting your bike. The best moving companies also offer insurance coverage, which puts the motorcycle owner at ease.

The disadvantage of hiring a motorcycle shipping company is the shipping costs.

Things to Consider for Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping Cost

Asking for a shipping quote is recommended, but make sure that the shipping company you hire offers guaranteed quotes. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying more during moving day. The shipment cost depends on many factors, such as the distance, make and model, and even the trailer type.

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance coverage may include a motorcycle shipment, but there’s nothing wrong with asking shipping services about their insurance. Know the coverage limits for the type of damage they cover and if they include damaged accessories too. It is always great to have a moving company that gives extra coverage rather than just basic liability coverage.

Length of Transfer Time

How long will the motorcycle arrive at its destination? Always check motorcycle shipping companies’ timeframes. Each company has a different transit time. Knowing the estimated arrival, especially with international motorcycle shipping, puts you at ease.

Trailer Type

Your choice of trailer is also an important consideration. The best way to ship a motorcycle is through enclosed shipping using a closed trailer. However, an enclosed carrier is more expensive than using open transport. An open trailer works fine on short-distance transfers. Whatever motorcycle trailer you choose, just weigh the pros and cons.

Years of Experience

Many companies provide motorcycle shipping services. While doing your research, check for their years of experience in the field. The older the company is, the more experience they have in transporting bikes and dealing with various conditions. The years of experience equates to reliability and high-quality service.

Motorcycle Shipping Service Reviews

Aside from the length of experience, you can check for the company's reliability by reading reviews. Customer reviews say what real clients experience with the company you are about to deal with. Hence, it tells you what to expect and if it is worth your money to use for motorcycle shipping.


Shipping a motorcycle does not need to be a tedious job. You can do it on your own or hire someone to do it for you. No matter method you choose, the best way to ship a motorcycle is the one that can transport it with no damage as much as possible.

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