10 Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

10 Ways to Customize Your Motorcycle

A custom motorcycle is a dream bike for every rider. It’s cool, and it’s definitely badass, making you the envy of other riders out there. As much as having a custom bike sounds fun with its unique parts and style, a motorcycle rider must still consider its safety when doing customization work. Knowing how to customize a motorcycle safely should be a priority for every rider.

The best thing about motorcycle customization is that you don’t need a new one. An old bike can look new if you customize it properly. As a matter of fact, many enthusiasts love to work on older motorcycles and install custom parts on them.

10 Ways How to Customize Your Motorcycle

1. Engraving, Stickers, and Decals

Decorating your motorcycle is one way to customize it. You can achieve this by engraving something or putting stickers and decals on different areas of your bike.

2. Handlebars, Mirrors, and Levers

Handlebars make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of your bike. You can custom-build this whole area of your motorcycle by changing the mirrors and levers that go along with it.

3. Windshield

A good motorcycle must have a functional windshield. Aesthetics-aside, you must look for a windshield that protects you from the wind and bugs, especially at night.

4. Lighting

A custom bike won’t be complete without changing the lighting. A motorcycle owner mostly gives a lot of thought to light customization because it helps with visibility and also prevents major motorcycle accidents. To improve seeing at greater distances, go for focused pencil beam lights.

Custom bodywork by adding strip lights to make you more visible to other motorists and drivers. Opting for LED lighting is also a top choice for most motorcycle owners nowadays since it is longer-lasting and saves more energy while being brighter than standard bulbs. Some bikers also add underglow or mudguard lights for a better visual effect.

5. Seat

A custom seat changes the riding experience and adds more comfort to the biker. When changing a seat or seat cover, always think about your comfort level while ensuring that the design you choose still looks good and is compatible with the overall look of your motorcycle.

6. Tires/Wheels

Most motorcycle customization goes for wider tires. A wider front wheel is more responsive, albeit dangerous, while a wider rear wheel may hamper the motorcycle's agility during curves. But then again, changing the front and rear tires can help improve the motorcycle’s drag and prevent slips on wet roads.

While we are on the topic of wheels, we might as well mention fenders. When changing the tires, you must also change the front and rear fenders to accommodate the change in size.

7. Grips and Foot Pegs

Custom heated grips and foot pegs make a ride more comfortable. It is best to customize the grips and foot pegs so you can drive smoothly on highways.

8. Paint

A custom paint job keeps your motorcycle in style. The paint color depends on your personal choice, but most bikers go for chrome paint because it gives the bike a boost of shine. Just be careful with your cleaning products since abrasive cleaners can damage the paint.

9. Exhaust System

This can be expensive customization. An improved exhaust system goes a long way in changing not only the look and style but also the sound and performance of your bike.

10. Air Filters and Motorcycle Engines

Air filters and other parts of the engine, such as carburetors, racing clutch, gearbox, and the like, may not change your bike's physical appearance, but they boost its performance.

Bonus Customization Tips

Sound System

When looking for some sort of swag, personalize the sound system. Of course, you also have to consider how loud it can be. Or, you may use helmet speakers for a more convenient approach.


How to customize a motorcycle with accessories? Accessories such as leather bags or saddlebags, phone mounts, and cup holders give the bike more identity and functionality.


How to customize a motorcycle depends on every rider’s personal choices. Customization allows motorists to impart their own taste and style to their bikes. Just take note that in every customization, you must not overlook safety for the sake of aesthetics.

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